4 Perfect Dogs to Match Tall Owners

Not so long ago, small dogs became a fashion statement. The little ones you could practically fit into your handbag! However, as a tall woman, a small dog, although cute, could be more challenging to walk unless you have a long leash.

So, if you're looking for a tall breed to add to your family, and want a loving and friendly companion, check out these breeds to see which one might fit your lifestyle.

1. Great Dane

One of the larger dog breeds that most people think about if they want a tall dog is a Great Dane. This type of dog requires someone tall to match their commanding presence. However, they are also known to have a soft nature, but their energy levels are also as big as their stature. This dog's larger size could mean some hefty food and vet bills, so considering this is vital when opting for this dog. They often respond well to training and love being by your side, and using treats for the basics such as these from ceebeedoo.com is an excellent option for useful training techniques.

2. Saint Bernard

This big dog is known to have a big heart and often make great family pets due to their loving nature. This dog loves being close to you and is typically not fond of being left alone for long periods. They have a chilled vibe, and they make a great addition to a big family, as they love attention. Their size means that food bills are higher, and you'll also want to consider where they sleep, as this space will have to accommodate their weight and size.

3. Newfoundland

Another large breed is the Newfoundland. This breed is very loyal, although they are sometimes shy, which means they make take a while to get to know others. Of course, if you also live somewhere cold and snowy, this is the perfect dog, as it's their natural habitat. Newfoundlands can fit perfectly into your family dynamic, but like most pets don't like to be left for too long, as they'll miss you. The breed is also known as the 'gentle giant,' and they love swimming. This dog has webbed feet and a thick and water-resistant coat, and its strength makes them a strong and confident swimmer.

4. Irish Wolfhound

Another tall dog that is an ideal family pet is the Irish Wolfhound. This breed tends to be great with people and other dogs, although they have a high prey instinct, so keeping a handle on the leash is vital if a squirrel decides to taunt them in the park. Unlike other large dog breeds that drool a lot, the Irish Wolfhound drools less, and they are usually pretty quiet dogs for their size.

There are so many tall and larger dogs that tall owners will love. Some other examples include Great Pyrenees and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Most big dogs have equally big hearts and are the perfect addition to your family.

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