Home Design Hacks For Those Of Us That Are Taller

Home Design Hacks For Those Of Us That Are Taller

Having a little extra height is often a coveted feature. Taller people are able to reach whatever is needed from a shelf without the need for a footstool, can easily see over the person in front at the cinema, and often have the most amazing long legs. However, what a lot of people don't understand is that being tall also comes with its downsides, with one of these being that most properties are designed to better suit the needs of slightly shorter people.

When you're blessed with an extra few inches of height, you end up having to crouch down more, bend over more, and often end up bumping your head on low ceilings and doorways. Living in a home that you love but isn't designed to accommodate your height can be a total nightmare; it can even make life somewhat unbearable at times.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can adapt your home to be a better fit for your height. Keen to learn how you can go about doing that? Check out the tips and ideas below!

Start with the bathroom

Bending over the sink to wash your hands and clean your teeth can cause back pain, so why not swap out your sink for a higher set design? You can also swap your toilet basin for a design that offers a few more inches of height. As for your shower, if you have a static shower head that you have to bend to get under, replace it with an adjustable alternative that allows you to adjust the height and actually have a comfortable shower experience. These changes don't have to be as expensive as you would think - there are plenty of discount bathroom stores online that should help to reduce the cost.

Move onto the kitchen

The same issue can occur in the kitchen - if your sink and counters are sat too low, you are more likely to struggle with back pain as a result of having to bend over all the time. It's a good idea to consider raising the height of your counters and sink, to ensure that your kitchen is comfortable for you to use. As for the oven, a wall oven could be your best friend as then you can position it at whatever height works best for you. Should you want a table that's more comfortable to dine at, pick a higher set design - bar-style tables and stools can often be a great option.

Don't be afraid to be creative with the design and layout - create a space that suits your needs. Kitchen appliances can be expensive to replace, so make sure to look into adequate protection for your adapted kitchen, such as insurance or home warranties saving homes money, so that should a breakdown occur, you don't need to panic. Unexpected costs are never a welcome expense, so protecting your home's appliances is crucial.

The rest of the house

What you want to avoid are light fixtures that hang too low, as it's far too easy to bang your head on these. If you're able to, consider having the heights of your doors - and potentially, your ceilings - increased, so that you have a little extra space and can move around your home more comfortable. You shouldn't have to duck to enter a room in your own home, should you?

There you have it, a few handy hacks and ideas for making your home more tall woman (or man) friendly.

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