6'2" Taylor Rhoden: Too tall to model

MODEL MONDAY: Taylor Rhoden Takes Her Confidence To New Heights Despite Being Told She Was "Too Tall" To Model

Keyaira Boone @pennedbykeyaira - Posted 13 hours ago

Name: Taylor Rhoden

IG: tall.tay

Agency: Bridge Models

Claim to Fame: Rhoden won an international modeling competition with lingerie and swimwear brand Curvy Kate.

In the minds of most people "model" translates to tall beautiful woman and Taylor Rhoden was among them when she entered the industry. But possessing one of the most important assets in the industry ironically threatened to restrict the beauty's career. In an exclusive interview the international model spoke to HelloBeautiful about breaking into modeling, loving her body's uniqueness, and being told she was "too tall" to model.

"To be completely transparent the modeling industry isn't all that I thought it would be," said Rhoden, who recently quit her full-time job to pursue her career. "I've had some great experiences. I've gotten to walk in fashion shows. I've gotten to work with great clients but one thing that's always kind of hindered me which sounds crazy is being too tall," she revealed. "I think the general population thinks that for models you have to be real tall and like the taller the better, you know. I'm 6'2 and that's honestly difficult for the modeling industry." The height of a runway model without heels usually caps out at just under 6 feet tall. Rhoden pointed out that most models she encounters are, "5'9 ,5'10 and once they put on their heels their 6 feet or whatever."

"So being flat footed 6'2 has always been a barrier for me," she continued, adding that, "it's something that I'm still trying to break through."

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