Top 3 Airline Travel Tips for Tall People

Generally speaking, unless you are able to afford the luxuries of the first class cabin, air travel isn't exactly the most comfortable part of going on vacation. This is especially true for those of us who are taller than average.

With more and more airlines looking to maximize profits by minimizing the space allotted to each traveller, your searches for Hawaiian holiday deals and South Africa vacation packages might be over before they even begin.

Thankfully, hope is not lost for the tall traveller! Below are three tips to help make airline travel not only possible, but enjoyable.

1. Go for Extra Legroom

The amount of space that each passenger is given on a flight is referred to as "seat pitch." This is the distance between one row of seats and the row directly in front of it. While this doesn't specifically refer to the amount of legroom you'll get, knowing the seat pitch of the aircraft you're travelling on will give you a good idea about how much space you can expect have.

Skytrax has published a handy seat pitch guide so travellers can see how much room they will get on an international flight with any given airline. Also, most airlines offer the ability for travellers to book a seat with extra legroom. Unfortunately, those seats usually come with a heftier price tag.

If you're not in a position to spend the additional cash on extra legroom, don't be discouraged. The best thing you can do is arrive at the airport well before your departure time and speak to the airline agent at the gate desk. If you ask nicely and explain your situation, they will most likely change your seat assignment to accommodate your height.

2. Travel at Unpopular Times

While the thought of travelling in the early hours of the morning might not be overly appealing, taller travellers should absolutely look to book flights that are scheduled outside of peak travel hours.

When a flight is scheduled at an unpopular time, it is less likely to be full. This means that you might just be able to swing an entire row to yourself. Just make sure to double check your seat assignment ahead of time. If the airline you are flying with allows you to switch your seat to another one within your designated class for free, you should definitely take up the offer!

3. Don't Neglect Your Neck

Once you have your legroom squared away, you've really only won half the battle. Making sure your neck is comfortable, especially for long haul flights, is just as important as making sure you have enough space for your legs.

Fortunately, the solution here is a simple one: invest in a good quality neck pillow. While most airports will have several shops offering a variety of neck pillows to choose from, they will most likely be over-priced. You will be better off purchasing the right pillow ahead of time to ensure you'll be as comfortable as possible.

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