6ft 5ins Woman lied on dating apps as men were 'intimidated' - but shorter boyfriend loves her height

A 6ft 5in female accountant admits she lied on dating apps as her towering height 'intimidated' men - but now her shorter 'soulmate' boyfriend loves her tall stature. Cecelia Mowczan started dating her 5ft 11ins boyfriend William Davies, 28, after meeting in a house share two years ago.

The 29-year-old admits that when William first asked her on a date she was apprehensive to say yes because he was shorter than her. She also believes that if she had seen him on a dating app she would not have matched with him because of his height.

But after realising they were 'perfect' together and might be 'soulmates', Cecelia bit the bullet and went on the date and has been dating her shorter fella ever since. Before meeting William, Cecelia says she struggled with dating as she claims men were 'intimidated' by her height, which left her lying about how tall she was on dating apps.

She also claims the societal stigma of women always being shorter than men in relationships on TV and in films made her think she could not date smaller guys. However, since dating William, Cecelia claims she has been able to fully embrace her long limbs and is even confident enough to wear heels now which makes her at least 6ft 9in.

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Wow what a nice and lovely ending- the couple found each other and genuinely love each other. ❤️
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