Singer Terah Lynn Is A Different Shade Of Blues

Singer Terah Lynn Is A Different Shade Of Blues

By Ldn-Post | June 24, 2021

Hailing from the mountains of the eastern United States, blues-country singer Terah Lynn has made her way to the airwaves of the UK.

First featured on MMH Home of the Rock Radio in 2020, her sassy break-up, blues single “Not So Nice” has Londoners tapping their feet. It was this radio debut that lead photographer Adam Kennedy of Blues Matters Magazine to include Lynn in his virtual photo shoot series during the pandemic. Since then, her latest single “Grave Digger” has done the same.

With a story as unique and intriguing as her voice, Lynn has been a construction and labor worker most of her life. It’s not quite what you would expect from a six-foot tall woman with supermodel good looks but somehow it fits.

In a world of glamour and glitz, oversized egos and put together wardrobes, you can often find Terah with messy, unkempt hair, t-shirts with the sleeves cut off and sporting a different ball cap every day. As she says “I just don’t have the attention span for all the upkeep.” It is that candid nature that makes Lynn so likable. She’s real, and you feel that in her music.

Lynn’s lyrics are intelligent and have a depth that is often lacking in modern music. She finds a way to tell a story in a true-to-self, witty way. Combined with her gritty, gravelly voice, she is the recipe for the star we didn’t know we needed.

Having recently relocated to Nashville, Lynn is starting to perform around Music City. When she isn’t singing, she supervises the lumber mill and works the machines herself building the iconic electric guitars used often in the industry she is just now tapping into. When asked what it’s like to work for such a well-known company, she says “It’s exactly what you would dream working for Gibson would be like. They care about their instruments, they care about music. I mean, who doesn’t want to build electric guitars for a living?”

In addition to singing, songwriting and running a lumber mill, Lynn also has two businesses of her own. Bridge Music Magazine is a labor of love she started at the end of 2020 to create a publication where “artists can support artists.” She has interviewed artists from all genres and walks of lif all over the world. “We are still building it,” she says “I want to make it a place where indie artists get the support and recognition they deserve. It’s not easy doing this thing on your own.”

Then there is Indie Design Co, Lynn’s graphic design company geared towards creating album covers and social media promotion packages for independent artists at a great price. “It’s hard enough trying to afford recording and everything else it takes to start yourself in the music industry, why make it hard to get a good album cover?”

Terah Lynn truly is a jack of all trades, an artist for the artists. As she says, “I want to give the support that I would want to receive.” It is that attitude, hard work and giving nature that lead us to believe that Lynn will soon be on top of the game.

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