The Best Gaming Chairs for Tall Women

The Best Gaming Chairs for Tall Women

With games like DoTA2, League of Legends, and Fortnite dominating streaming sites, gaming is becoming a national pastime. If you are one of the millions of people that have spent time on streaming channels, there is a good chance you will have noticed that all of the most popular streamers use gaming chairs. These souped-up office-style chairs are built to last and come complete with more padding for extra comfort during long gaming sessions.
One problem, though, is that most popular gaming chairs are built for average-sized gamers. Short seatbacks, smaller load capacities, and small seat beds are all issues that taller gamers run into when searching for a comfortable gaming chair. In an effort to help tall gamers, we’ve made a list of some of the best gaming chairs for tall women:

1. Secretlab Titan XL (2020 Series)

No matter whether you are a tall gamer who enjoys playing Fortnite on the Xbox, or you prefer playing slot games online at all slots Canada, you will love the Secretlab Titan XL. For many years now, Secretlab has been creating some of the best gaming chairs in the industry. However, their original collection, the Secretlab Titan 2020, was not quite big enough for tall gamers.

Thankfully, they introduced an XL version of this chair. This chair is built for gamers weighing anywhere up to 390 pounds, and do not worry about height - whether you are 6 foot tall or 7 foot tall, this chair will suit your needs.

2. Killabee Massage Chair

Killabee is one of the most popular gaming chair brands in the U.S and the Killabee big and tall massage chair is by far their best model so far, particularly for tall gamers who want to game in comfort. This chair is overflowing with memory foam padding and comes complete with built-in massagers which can help to relieve spinal pain and tightness. Not only that, but this chair also has a locking recliner system and adjustable height options too.

3. Ficmax High Back Gaming Chair

Next on our list is the Ficmax high-back gaming chair. This chair looks similar to many of the popular gaming chairs you see on streaming sites, but it is built especially for taller people. There are lots of reasons why this chair has made our list. Not only is it super comfortable, but it also comes in 9 different color options. Another huge benefit of this chair is that it has a massage function to keep you relaxed while playing your favorite games.

Take a quick look around the internet and you will find a huge selection of gaming chairs that you can relax in while you play your favorite game. Even though many of these chairs offer ample weight capacity and size flexibility, there is a good chance that the most expensive and most popular chair may not be the best option if you are taller than the average-sized gamer. Thankfully, there are lots of gaming chairs available for taller gamers too. If you are a taller gamer, why not consider purchasing one of the options we have listed above?

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