What Are The Benefits Of Dating A Man Shorter Than You?

Dating can be difficult at the best of times, but when you are a tall woman, and you are dating a shorter man, you might think that things would be even harder. However, the truth is that there are many benefits to dating a shorter man, many of which you may not have considered before. Read on to find out what they are; if you’ve been ignoring men who are shorter than you, once you understand how good they can be for you, you might want to try again.

Shorter Men Are Confident

Although this might seem like something of a generalization, it could well be that a shorter man has a lot more confidence than his taller counterparts. Just like a tall woman has to learn to be confident because everyone will notice her height, too must a shorter man learn to be confident because everyone will notice his height. It might not be fair that people think about height before anything else, but it’s such an obvious physical trait, and traditionally men are expected to be tall and women small, that anything that goes against the ‘norm’ will be stared at and even commented on.

To get over this, confidence is born. Dating a confident man is a good thing; they’ll be able to take you anywhere, do anything, and you’ll always enjoy their company. This is just one reason why dating a shorter man is a good thing.

Great Sex

Recent studies have shown that shorter men (those under five feet nine inches) tend to have sex more frequently. Although we’re not quite sure why this is, the fact remains that they do, so if you have a high sex drive and you want to find a partner to match it, a shorter man might be the answer.

Plus, when you are a tall woman with a shorter man, you can try all kinds of different sex positions that you might not be able to with someone who is the same height or taller than you. Standing sex positions, for example, might not be possible with anyone other than a shorter man. So, you can experiment as much as you like and enjoy the process immensely.

You’ll Have More Options

If you currently only want to date men who are as tall as you or taller and you’re already tall yourself, you’re severely limiting your options. Remember, the average height for a man is five feet nine inches, not six feet, and certainly not over six feet.

If you start to take an interest in slightly shorter (or much shorter) men, you’ll find there are a lot more to choose from, and you won’t be missing out. If you’re currently lamenting the fact that you can’t find anyone to take on a date, it could just be because you’re setting your sights too high – literally. Instead, start accepting that you are tall and, therefore, most men will be shorter than you, and you’ll find that you have a lot more choice and many more chances of happiness.

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