Six-foot tall woman tired of people 'pointing and staring' at her

Six-foot tall woman tired of people 'pointing and staring' at her hit with death threats

Jade Egemonye, 23, started the "Tall Girl Brunch Club" in London which attracts hundreds of women who attend to share the united struggle of clothes not fitting and being gawked at in public

A six-foot tall woman who started a "Tall Girl Brunch Club" says she received death threats from height-conscious men.

Jade Egemonye, 23, started the group in London where taller women could bond over their united struggle of poorly fitting clothes and being stared at in public.

The boozy banquets usually see 10-18 taller women attending - and Jade says she's been inundated with messages from women looking to join.

But the 23-year-old has to hide the location after getting threatening messages which tell her they will "die" or that someone's "coming to get them".

Jade says these hateful messages are blokes projecting their own height issues onto her gang of larger ladies.

However, it's not the aggressive men that irk Jade most - but short girls repeatedly asking to come along.

So Jade set a firm rule that attendees at the Tall Girl Brunch Club have to be at least 5ft9in tall.

Jade, from Greenwich, Greater London, said it all kicked off in November last year after she received a deluge of responses after tweeting that she didn't have any tall female friends.

The responses flooded in and Jade decided to a create a space for them to talk about "shared experiences" - which include being unable to fit into clothing and being stared at on the tube or at the gym.

She admits that she never expected the brunches to be such a big hit but the events soon snowballed and were selling out within 'hours'.

Despite her good intentions, Jade has faced some online backlash from trolls.

Jade said: "We have some men project their issues with their height onto us. It's ironic because comments about men's heights almost never come from tall women - they come from other men.

"That's why I don't put restaurants down on the events page. We've had some hate messages, horrible stuff like 'You shall die', 'I'm gonna come get you', etc.

"From that point on, I made sure that only the girls who have booked a ticket know where we're meeting. I want to try and protect women as much as possible.

"I would categorise a tall girl as somebody who is 5ft 9in and higher - 5ft 9in is the average height for a man in the UK. This was a big cause of contention, as I'd have people in the comments saying 'I'm 5ft 6in and I feel like I'm tall.'

"There's always a girl who will comment 'Imagine if I came along, I'm 5ft 3in'. On every damn TikTok.

"I can bet my life that there will be some girls saying 'What about the short girls?' or 'I'm five foot'. I want to say 'You're not as original as you think'.

"It ticks me off. Girls will also ask me if they can come and they'll be 5ft 4in. What am I meant to say? Those are the comments that annoy me the most.

"I've not had anybody lie about their height and show up yet. I'm banking on the power of shame. I've been lucky so far."

Many women saw the need for Jade's brunches and made their appreciation known in the comments of her videos.

One TikTok user said: "I need some tall friends, I'm tired of being the tallest," whilst another commented: "As a fellow 5ft 11er..I would love to be about my tall kin."

Other commenters lamented that their lack of stature would prevent them from attending.

One commenter said: "What about us short girls?", whilst another asked: "Is it okay if I come? I'm not exactly tall but I don't mind wearing heels that are really high so I can be included."

Another user asked: "Are 5ft 8in babes allowed?"

One TikTok commenter said: "You're gonna find a 5ft 3in babe hiding under the table."

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