Why Can Female ‘Height Supremacists’ Openly Discriminate Against Short Guys?

Ladies, it’s time we had a chit-chat about a certain double standard you’ve been allowed to brashly flaunt for far too long.

And sorry(not sorry) to call you out like this, but you had to know it was coming. You think we haven’t noticed all that shameless discrimination against guys lacking in a certain, shall we say, vertical asset?

Face it: we’ve got a female "height supremacist" problem, and there are a lot of you taking part. Thank Tinder and Reddit for the outing.

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Joerg says: I don't approve of the content of this article. I believe everybody has a right to have preferences so I wouldn't condemn a woman just because she wants to be in a relationship with a taller man. Is she shallow? Maybe. But I'm not in a position to criticise her for it.

I have to agree. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a preference ( not that you need my permission to have one ) That being said, I would love to date a taller woman, you have a grace about you that I can't define but can greatly admire. I am 5' 9'' and had a tall girlfriend for a minute, she was 6' 2'' and drop dead gorgeous with many admirers. She eventually chose the taller guy to me but I was not bitter about her decision and I completely understood her preference. Being with her, I felt on top of the world because she made me feel that way. I have nothing bad to say about any of you tall babes. Kirk
short guys are not attractive to me as a tall woman
a.i enjoy being eye level with my partner
b being physical is better with a guy
equal or slightly taller
c can't wear heels, constantly slouch, with short guys
d. most short guys date tall women because they
want a mommy, have a short complex and r using the womans height to feel better like she's a prize catch
e short guys want tall women to give them
children with tall DNA.
f dating a short guy is like dating a complex and it's just
more fun, comfortable to be with someone your own height
no matter what height you are.
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