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5'10" Anna wrote (February 11th 2014)

What really sucks, in my opinion anyways, is that I'm only ever hit on by short men and when I tell them my height their all "OHMYGOD, YOU'RE AN AMAZONIAN!" once, a guy even asked if I was an alien. I grew up with the "are you gonna play basketball when you're older?" (I was the tallest kid in my fifth grade class). Even now I'm still asked if I play basketball or if I'm going to and I'm like "why? cause I'm tall?" it's annoying. What's also annoying is when people say "Whoa! You're taller than me!" and I'm like, Oh, Sherlock, I didn't even notice. The good thing is, my best friend is also tall and we share our "tall girl problems" together. I also hate hearing the "God! You're feet are bigger than mine!" especially from men, it makes me feel bad.

At christmas my uncle (who is also VERY TALL) had brought his girlfriend home and I was talking to my twin cousins and their very short and one of them complained her feet couldn't touch the ground and I was like "I'd love to be short like that!" and she goes "I graduated with a girl who was 6ft, don't feel bad" and my uncle's girlfriend stood up and was like "What's wrong with that? I'm 6ft." and I decided I want to embrace my height like she has, I'd feel so much better. So, I am very thankful I found this site!

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