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5'11 1/2" Jewel wrote (March 26th 2014)

Joerg how are you, long time.

Anyways, when it comes to love, if it is real it puts no conditions that are shallow. I think physicality does not necessarily possess much bearing on a persons capabilities.  i.e. a tall woman is not necessarily "strong".  She may be just as strong or just as weak a your average female. I can attest to the above because just yesterday, a mechanic who is working on one of my cars surprised me beyond belief. This guy is about 5.6 and a half.  or 5.7.5 at a push. He is wiry type of thin/small - which is thin but sinewy, probably 5% body fat.  By no means "buff" or "big" or chunkily muscly built.

Anyways, the car is stuck in the mad and the tow track needs to pick it up, but it is in a complicated position - behind a building corner. You need to see how he pushed this car to the front!  The car ofcourse is off, not working so I had to steer whilst the guys pushed.  They were two in total pushing.  The other guy was no match. It was a six sitter biggish car. But he pulled and pushed - my was I shocked!

It certainly showed me that although most guys are big, they are not strong at all.  This what I had there?  - now that was a REAL man.

If a heavily pregnant woman needed picking up off the floor?  This guy demonstrated by miles that this would be a piece of cake for him.

First impressions of size tend to betray the truth as it were.  You may feel secure that he is big but is he strong.  Can he push your car to safety if it ran out of petrol?

A man's man is what is needed.  That guy yesterday?  Really did something to show that a guy doesn't have to be big to be strong. 

Tchuss Joerg.

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