December 2007 - Jessica, 6'4"

Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm 6'4".

I started kindergarten at a height of almost 5ft tall. I remember my first day of school clearly, mostly because some adult came up to me and thought I was at the wrong school and in the wrong grade. I was always the tallest person in the school. In 8th grade I reached 5 ft 11. And by graduation from high school I was 6 ft 2. High school was hard. Sure I had friends, but trying to get a date being taller than all the guys was impossible. I got made fun of because I could never find pants long enough. Being asked if a flood was coming was a little annoying and hurtful. I also got the "do you play basketball" comment I believe every tall girl gets. I didn't play basketball, not because of the comment but because I have asthma. I ended up playing volleyball for 2 years though.

When I got to college things changed a little. I met taller guys, and even some girls that were tall. I felt more at ease. I started to get dates. But still got the occasional "you are so intimidating." I had boyfriends break up with me because they didn't like the stares we received from people when walking together, since they were shorter then me. Story of my life. I ended up spending most of college weight-lifting with my guy friends and studying. I graduated in 2004 with a BS in Chemistry. I was 6 ft 4.

I finally met a man that adored my height. My husband and I met online, and 3 months later met in person. He loved my height, and even encouraged me to wear heels (which I love to do). He doesn't care about the stares we get at all. For once I felt comfortable being who I am. Doing this raised my self-esteem, my pride, and my respect for myself.

Now you can see me helping shorter people reach things off top shelves, buying clothes I want to wear, buying shoes with heels, and showing off my strength. I don't care what people think anymore. And neither should the rest of you. Be proud of who you are, and what we represent.... Strong, tall, and beautiful women!

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