November 2007 - Melissa, 6'3"

My name is Melissa, and I am 6'3" tall.

I love being tall, because it makes me stand out in a crowd. When I put on my 3" heels, I am impossible to miss! I love being able to store things on the top shelf, and to reach just about everything. I love looking even the tallest guys in the eye. Clothes, when I can find some that fit properly, look better the taller you are.

I don't like... small cars, shopping for clothes, trying to shop for shoes, airplane seats, and cowardly men!

When I was in school, I was awkward and shy. I buried my nose in books, and pretty much ignored everything and everyone. I grew from 5'-8" to 6'-2" in one year when I was 13, so I was taller than everyone until the end of high school, when one or two of the guys caught up.

I didn't date at all in grade school, and the college I went to was primarily women, but I'm making up for it now! I date guys of all heights, and my last relationship was with a man who is 5'-7". Honestly, though, I do prefer a guy who is as tall, or almost as tall, as myself. Taller would be heaven, but incredibly rare. But if a man will look me in the eye, make me laugh, and make me feel wanted, it doesn't matter very much how tall he is. 

I love being tall. I love the look of surprise in peoples' eyes when I stand up in a bar or restaurant. I love walking down the street, and being able to see over everyone. I love the way I look in my heels. The few negatives to being tall are more than overcome by the positives.

And besides, it's not like I can change it... might as well enjoy!

All the best

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