September 2007 - Ashley, 6'7"

Hey there! My name is Ashley, I was born and raised in Ohio and I'm currently standing at 6'6 3/4" (flat footed). I just turned 19 in late August.

Like anything else in life, having height comes with its advantages. I'm hard to lose in a crowd, I'm the first person little old ladies in the grocery store ask for help from, and I make my own fashion statements by wearing capris and flip-flops in 10 degree weather. There are plenty of disadvantages too, but I've really grown to love my long legs. Growing up was tough. I reached 6ft at the age of approximately 11 and since middle school I had high school coaches breathing down my neck for an opportunity to have me (and my height) on their team.

Each time I had to disappoint and inform them that I had Marfan Syndrome, a heart problem I was diagnosed with at the age of 7, shortly after my 7ft father passed away from complications surrounding it. My heart problem restricts me from most all physical activity, which unfortunately shot down my dreams of playing professional basketball early. In addition to that, I was teased relentlessly for years. Kids at school showed no mercy and many days I came home in tears. 

My experiences growing up have taught me to keep my head up and smile. I'm a beautiful young woman who was blessed with an incredible mother who instilled in me integrity and respect. I'm now blessed with an amazing husband who is 5'8" and stands by my side at all times. Sure, the stares and comments are still annoying but I can't let myself get down over others' curiosity and sometimes ignorance. I'm currently living on the East Coast where my husband is stationed. I'm pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and am hoping to live overseas in a few years.

My favourite quote is: "Sure, they glance because they're curious... but they start staring because they're jealous." 

All the best

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