November 2008 - Pauline 5'10"

Pauline's Basics

Name: Pauline
Birthday: October 1st 1981
Height: 5'10"
Location: United States

Where to begin... Many people would easily identify my obsession with height as a "complex", as any other complex. For me, being teased about my height hurt more because I had big feet that went along with it! Yes it is true. Not to mention I did not have anyone else to identify with in my immediate family. My adopted mother was 5ft 8 and my father was 5 ft 4. (what the heck?) My biological sister was just 5ft 7.

At the age of 10 I was wearing size 10 and there was nothing sexy about that. When we took our 5th grade graduation pictures, I will never forget the look of everyone's faces when we lined up in height order and I was directly in the middle facing Andrew Cseres (sp?) who was not only the cutest and tallest boy in our class, but the same height as me! It was an embarrassing situation, considering I had a crush on him since we were in the third grade; but like everything in life, you eventually get over it. (smile)

Thankfully, the majority of boys had growth spurts that summer, so entering the 6th grade wasn't horrible. I was no longer taller then everyone in my  class, though my "complex" couldn't fade just yet. In playing basketball and even cheerleading (tallest gal on the squad of course, lol)  I developed more confidence, not to mention athletic calves…It took me a little bit longer to get over my complex because when I would work out in the gym in high school, the boys would always make smart comments like "I want my legs and calves to look just like hers!" Lets just say, it took a special gentleman to affirm my legs sexyness in my freshman year of college to even begin wearing skirts!!

Where am I today with my height? I LOVE IT! I am not quite a "6 footer", but an Amazon nonetheless, standing 5ft 10in and wearing size 12 shoes. Tall women get the best of both worlds. Short men love us (see above: my dad, 5ft 4 married my mom who is 5ft8!) and tall men adore us. Short women want to be us (ask any women who wears 3 in heels) and well those of us who are tall alike can only respect us. I STILL wear my heels, putting me at 6'1'' sometimes, but who cares. Did I mention, women in uniform are sexy!! In becoming a proud member of the United States Air Force Reserves, last summer, my legs are even more sexier!! LOL  I am not even shy about wearing skirts or flexing the muscles in my arms and back! When people ask me ignorant questions about my height, I simply apologize because "they are vertically challenged and being tall is something they would never be able to understand" and keep it moving!! LOL  My big feet, well there are days when I wish my feet didn't get wider after the birth of my three year old son, lol…but it could be worse! I just save my pennies and shop the UK websites as shoes for larger feet are of better quality leather and cuter! (Cinderella Shoes is a keeper!)

There is nothing like an intelligent, tall, athletic, attractive, and confident man , who is not easily intimidated by an intelligent, tall, attractive, and confident woman. My advice to my local, national, and international tall sisters? Sit, stand, and walk tall! Be proud of the exceptional woman you are. The next time you enter a room, hold that head up high, scroll the room making eye contact with just a few, and you will be amazed by who just might NOT notice you. LOL j/k They will all see you and remember you even if you don't. :o) You are GORGEOUS! God made you in his own image so you are PERFECT.

Your tall sis in Christ,

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