October 2008 - Alyssa 6'0"

Alyssa's Basics

Name: Alyssa
Birthday: November 18th, 1990
Height: 6'0"
Location: United States

Hello everyone. I'm Alyssa and I am six foot tall! I have always been a lot taller than any of the other girls and the majority of the guys too ;)... I'm from South Carolina and out here my height is very rare. There are only two girls in my school who are six foot and that would be myself and another girl. Yes, to answer the infamous question I did play basketball... for six years in fact. I wasn't mean enough for the sport so I decided not to play anymore. I never really enjoyed it, I mainly did it to please my family. I felt that because I was tall I was supposed to play. I later realized that you had to have heart for the sport to actually play it.

I felt awkward and uncomfortable with my height for many years mainly because people were always talking about "the tall girl". I just now recently started to appreciate my height. I always longed to be like my friends (size 2 and five foot). I hated standing out in a crowd, and almost never wore heels. I didnt like how none of the guys were taller or as tall as I was, so I never had alot of boyfriends. Yes, of course I got the stereotypical remarks like "Jolly Green Giant", "Big One", or just "Giant". Now, I get the comments of "Legs", "Tall Glass of Water", or "Hot, Tall blonde". So, of course I am not complaining as much.

I am proud of my height. I take pride in standing out in crowds and I just love how I never have to worry about not being able to see over someone's head. I have always been tall enough to ride any rides at theme parks, and I have never had a problem with losing weight easily. Now that the guys are starting to catch up with me as far as height goes (not yet maturity) and shoes in my size are actually decent looking, I am gaining a hell of alot more confidence.

I feel sorry for the women back in the old days who were tall. It's gotten so much easier to find pants long enough or shoes big enough for us taller ladies. For all the girls out there who are six feet and over and hate it, yall need to read over this website and realize what a blessing we all share. Just think about it...you will always be remembered because you stand out. Whether you are the annoying girl that no one can see over at a concert or the movies, or the one who could reach the top of the shelf that the man couldn't get to....we are all thought about (good or bad). People envy us and there is absolutely no reason for them not to! Look at all of the celebrities and models who are tall and then tell me why you dislike your long legs!

Much Love, Alyssa ;)

yeah.. and someone is using her image on fiverr :(
Alyssa WOW, you are really CUTE. I am 6' 2" guy and YES girls your height are hard to come by for men who are very interested in much taller women. I wonder if you are close to the Kansas City area ? If not I hope you find that very special person because you definitely deserve it.

~ Erick V. Hartman
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