August 2009 - Linnette 5'10"

Linnette's Basics

Name: Linnette
Birthday: May 28th 1968
Height: 5'10"
Location: United States

When I started liking boys, I became very uncomfortable with my height because all I would attract was short boys. Then my Daddy told me that shorter guys know how to appreciate taller women. As I got older, I learn to love myself first; every inch of my 5' 10" frame was worth my confidence and hey, if God is pleased, so am I.

I remember shorter girls would tease me alot. I've been call everything from the Jolly Black Giant to Goofy. Well, one day, one of those short girls got herself in a mess she just couldn't get herself out of and guess who she turned to for help. She was the meanest out of all the short girls who teased me and she wanted my help. You may think this is very selfish and petty of me, but I was 13yrs old and just a little over 5' 8" tall and I just sat there and watch her get annilated (she really wasn't hurt too bad). Needless to say, she never teased me again and I sort of made sure she stayed out of trouble. I wonder what she doing now! Anyway, I wasn't a Christian then, but now that I am, there's not much I can do about my past but I can thank God daily for my height. I walk as confident now than I have ever did. I love the way I look, I love the way, I love the way I stand because I stand tall for Christ Jesus and no one, short or tall, is going to take that from me.

I don't live in the same neighborhood I grew up in; however, I do get more compliments about height than stares. And those who stare at me are short men wondering how to approach me (I think that's so cute!!).

The kind of man I like has to be a Christian. A God-fearing, honest, loyal, real man (no dogs, please! I have had enough of them!)! I'm going to be honest, I do prefer that he is at least over 6' tall (I sure would rather look up than down); however, my height would be the lowest I would consider. I like him to be very funny, b/c I love laughter; hard-working, and if he has children, he has to be a good father to his kids (and no 'baby mama drama' please), constantly growing in his walk with Christ, education, communication, economics, and social skills. I DO NOT LIKE DEAD WEIGHT!!!! He has to be adventuruous, spontaneous; yet a good organizer. And I would prefer for him to be the man in the relationship. I don't mind changing a flat tire, fixing a leaking pipe or even barbequing on the grill, but man can a sista just be a lady for once. Just keepin' it real, don't hate! I also, like the kind of man, that just loves to do whatever it takes to keep me happy. You know, that kind of man that is not so caught up in hisself that he forgets that he's with someone. The kind of brotha that knows how to love of sista just right!! :-)

Well, that's all I got for ya. I'm out!! 

I holla...




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