September 2009 - Gail 6'0"

Gail's Basics

Name: Gail
Birthday: December 30th 1964
Height: 6'0"
Location: United States

I am Carolyn Gail Frazier, and I am a 6 foot wife and mother of 3 wonderful boys. I was born in Texas on December 30, 1964. I spent the majority of my school years moving from place to place because my Dad was in the service. Yes, at times it was difficult being taller than all my friends and all the boys. I remained pretty shy until I was out of school. During my childhood I had the nick name of "Clumsy Carolyn Gail". I still managed to grow up fine and I now have a degree in Business Management, but am happy to be a stay at home MOM!

I have learned to view my height as one of my many outstanding attributes. I do answer questions quite a bit about whether I played basketball and I quickly quip that I was not coordinated enough to play competitively, but my Mom was a big basketball star, she was 6' tall as well, but much more athletic than I. We have made our home in Missouri in my Husband's hometown. The kind of men I like are, kind, generous, and funny. That is why I married the man I did. We raise our children to respect others, work hard to be someone, and enjoy life. Our individual differences make our world a better place. What fun would it be if all women were 5'2" with eyes of blue??? We all need to embrace our individuality and be thankful for the differences we have!

All the best

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