October 2009 - Cresta 6'2"

Cresta's Basics

Name: Cresta
Birthday: December 30th 1972
Height: 6'2"
Location: United Kingdom

I'm not sure where my height comes from. My mum is 5ft6" and dad was 6ft1" (now shrinking!). My brother is only 5ft11" and I'm 6ft2"! My nan was 4ft11 and grandad was 5ft10. My dad blames the daily pint of Guinness drank by my mother and also the fact that she ate for 2 when she was pregnant with me! Anyhows, I wasn't particularly tall when born but soon shot up to be taller than all my classmates, including the boys. I was VERY skinny and gangly with knobbly knees and an akward frame and short hair. I looked like a boy. I can't say that I was affected in a negative way by may height as I don't have any long lasting memories of micky taking. The worst I was called was 'lanky' and 'jolly green giant'. Both of which really annoyed me. Once, a boy called me one of these names and I picked him up and swung him around and around and then let go... straight into the play ground wall. He he :)

My childhood was idyillic with summer days spent riding ponies. My hobby was show jumping and I knew it was time to move onto riding horses when my foot (which was on the end of a very long leg which was dangling a long way down my ponies side) knocked one of the fences over as I was jumping over it!! I was so tall I had to start riding a 17hh (giant) horse at 14. Because I was interested in horse riding and not fashion, it never bothered me that my trousers were 3/4 length or my shoes were clumpy. That was until at 18... I discovered boys. I grew my hair long and wore make up. Although still not a follower of fashion, I became conscious of my clothes and made regular trips to Long Tall Sally (they had a tall zone in those days).

Suddenly boys were interested in me. The ugly duckling had emerged into a confident, elegant individual. I do have one particular memory that has just sprung into my head... it was when i was 15. I thought it was ace to wear the shortest skirts imaginable. I was with mates at a theme park and just about to get on a ride when one of the ride supervisors whistled and shouted... "'those legs will make you a million one day!!!" Well, they haven't made me a million in as much as I haven't been offered any pretty polly contracts, but they have had many an admiring glance over the years and I feel they are my best asset and I feel a million dollars when I show them off.

Anyhows, enough reminiscing. How about the adult years? I can only say that my height has advantaged me in many ways. I have 2 BSc degrees and I'm now an occupational therapist (nothing to do with my height I know). I don't show jump any more but I compete at advanced level dressage which suits my elegant frame. I have been a top hardcore DJ for 4 years in London. The promoter of 'Raindance' (an event) loves the fact that I stand out behind the decks and play pumping sounds. I have lots of natural energy, I have a zest for life and love just being me.

Any downsides to being tall? Hmmm, lets think... my size 10s and the fact that I just can't bring myself to wear high heels and I LOVE high heels :)

All the best

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