November 2009 - Rebekah 6'1 1/2"

Rebekah's Basics

Name: Rebekah
Birthday: March 4th, 1991
Height: 6'1 1/2"
Location: United States

My name is Rebekah. I am 18 years old. I am a tad bit over 6'1" and I live in TX, USA.

I came out of the womb at 2 feet, at the age of 1 I looked like a 3 yr. old. In elementary school I was actually bullied a lot, and because of this in middle school I was real shy, but I made a lot of friends. Especially in band, where I played the 4 ft. instrument, the double reeded bassoon. [played that for 7 years] In high school I moved, so I started a new life. No one knew me. I was goth, and I was out there.. I went from girl who didn't want to be noticed to the girl who couldn't help but be noticed. Even though I had a rough start, I always embraced my height. I had a biological goal of atleast 6'0". =) When I hit 5'11" I prayed and prayed that I would continue to grow, to me it was a tease height. LOL!

On the question about boys...I went out with one boy shorter than me. And that's never happened again. I personally felt it was very ackward. Now, I am happily engaged with someone who is 6'4". [YES!!!=)] When I go out people don't gawk or anything. But, if I am at a social gathering [I tend to wear heels when I have an excuse for them] atleast one [typically a girl] asks me how tall I am.


As for my outlooks on life...I refuse to be content with anything. If I don't like it I change it. Fate doesn't lead us to our destiny, we make our destinies. I also try and look at things realistically, people take that for pessimism. But, if you set a lower standard, I personally subconsciously aim for higher, but, if something happens to where it fails epicly, your standards were met. lol Also, if I can lend a helping hand, I do. I was given a lot in life, who am I to refuse people?


[I have a bit more to love weight wise. LOL]. If someone comments on my size in general, I always glare and tell them very seriously that I will sit on them. LOL


Jolly Green Giant, Bigfoot, BigBird, Pillow, Skyscraper, Chewbekah, Bekarina. I sent 5 pictures. Two are more recent... even though I have black hair again.

Have a good one



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