December 2009 - Loren 6'1"

Loren's Basics

Name: Loren
Birthday: May 8th, 1990
Height: 6'1"
Location: United States

Hello, my name is Loren.

I have always been really comfortable with my height. I am now 19 years old and I am 6'1". As a young girl, I was taller than everyone else in my class, but coming from a tall family, I thought that is how it was supposed to be. My dad is 6'4", my mom is 6'0", and my brother is 6'10". When my family went anywhere together, most people noticed and commented my brother’s height. It was not until my brother went off to college that I gained much attention from other people. Now when I walk into a room, I see many people look my way.

In high school I played volleyball and basketball. Most people associate height with sports, but I was more than just a sports player. I was involved in all the clubs, Student Council historian, BETA club, and one of my favorites, Drama club. In the plays I have participated in, many of them I had to play a male part. Even in my senior year, I was taller than most of the guys that wanted to be in plays. I have been asked by a couple of different people why I don’t become a model, I think it would be fun, but I am not really sure if I am actually model material. I am getting married in the spring to a really great guy who is 6’2”. I normally avoid wearing heels when we go out, but he loves when I wear heels and does not mind that I am two or three inches taller than him when I do. He loves my height and is happy when I show it off.


Most of my friends are a lot shorter than I am, but they accept my height very well. Normally when we all go out together, they let me have the front seat and pick picture poses where my head does not get cut off in the picture. The biggest problem I have is trying to find jeans and shoes that are reasonably priced and trying to fit in tight spaces comfortably. My Mom has always told my brother and me to stand up and be proud of our height. I really thought she was crazy when she first said that to us. It is not really what you are thinking about in first grade. Now I know why she says that and I say the same to all the tall girls out there, “Stand up and be Proud!”


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