December 2010 - Vilma 6'6 1/4"

Name: Vilma
Birthday: April 17th, 1968
Height: 6'6 1/4"
Location: Canada

Hello. I am Vilma, originally from Lithuania, now I live in Canada. I am a former basketball player and 6'6 1/4" or 197cm tall :) As I am growing older, I feel more and more comfortably about my height. Growing up I didnt' have a lot of problems with my height because I played basketball all time with my team and went to special school for athletes so we were all tall and especially strong. Of course we always were meeting people, who were looking at tall women, like at miracle, or something from another world.


I still hear somebody telling me news: "You are tall" ... I could answer: you are fat, ugly, small,or ............ instead but I alway say: "I know, this is nothing new to me." There will always be people who think tall women aren't "normal", but what is normal? So I start loving myself a long time ago. I like the way I am. And when I look in the mirror I smile to myself and see my amazing body and love it.

I know I have only one, tall body and that is where my soul lives. So when I smile a lot of people smile be back, and I often hear compliments. Some of them amazing. I know, more importantly it's what is on the inside, but when I meet someone new the first thing people see is tall me so some are scared and some curious but after they get to know me better most people love me. I don't need to make everybody love me though. I know who I am (and I don't need to prove anything to anybody) and most importantly I LOVE MYSELF.

I live today and in my body. I can't change it and I don't want that. I love it, love it, love it. I just want to make every tall girl smile. If you see a tall woman who thinks something is wrong with her because she is tall give her a hug and give her some of my confidence in order to make her life better. Don't worry... we are all different, and here it's beauty of the nature.

Have good day and keep smiling TALL GIRLS! :)
From Vilma

Very tall and beautiful. Are you on facebook.
Have a good day.
I'm so glad to have read this article. My older sister is tall @ 6'4". She is an older woman who played basketball through her youth and beyond. She lives quietly in a small U.S. town where she cannot find clothes, or even shoes. When we were young our Mother would make a special trip to NYC and take us with her so my sister and mother could find suitable and flattering clothes. My sister also has had the experiences you describe. :-)
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