November 2010 - Rebekah 6'4"

Rebekah's Basics

Name: Rebekah
Birthday: February 20th, 1980
Height: 6'4" Location: USA

Being the tallest person in the room has both its advantages and disadvantages. The greatest part is never missing anything, the worst part is, it can be very hard to hide... (LOL). I've been tall all my life , in fact I can remember in kindergarten having to have a second grade desk brought in. I could not fit cause my legs were too long to go under the tabletop. Another childhood memory that will forever stick out: someone once asked my mom how she would correct me, cause I was taller than her at a very young age. Her response was the funniest thing i have ever heard. She said "that's easy... bend down here so I can whip you" . It's been an ongoing joke all my life.

It has taken me a very long time to become comfortable with my height and and the attention that it attracts. I always wanted to be short cause I thought I could blend in better, but those that know me best know that I could never blend into a crowd (LOL) . Now that I have come to terms with who I am, I am very happy being the tallest woman in the room, and starting to love the attention it brings. I have to admit I have known of this site for a very longtime, almost since its creation. Joerg is an amazing friend who has always done his best to make me see that beauty comes in all sizes !

There are a few common misunderstandings about tall, big, beautiful women: 

Number 1: Just because I'm big enough to take care of myself, does not mean I want to...
Number 2: My size does not mean I'm dominate by nature, I am very submissive
Number 3: Just because I'm big does not make me easy, this take romance baby !!!

I'm still looking for my 7'0" foot dream come true, but now that I have started to love heels, I better hope for taller (LOL). My new favorite thing in life is heels, the higher the better. The feeling I get from going out and walking into a room and having every eye on me is priceless. So that 7'0" king of my life probably needs to be 7'5" or so, LOL, but honestly if he can me feel like a princess it doesn't matter to me how tall he is... 

It is with great pride that I take the honor of Ms. November 2010, I hope to use this site to help other tall women out there see that their height only helps their natural beauty shine even more. 

Love and Kisses Bekah




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