February 2010 - Marina 6'0 1/2"

Marina's Basics

Name: Marina
Birthday: December 23rd, 1992
Height: 6'0 1/2"
Location: Croatia

Hi there!! I'm Marina. I'm 17 years old (born 23 Dec. 1992) and I'm 6'0 1/2". I'm from Croatia and I am going to the third grade of highschool. I'm of course the tallest person in the class. It doesn't bother me at all.

Before I had some complex that I'm too tall and that everybody is laughing when they see me... even if it is like that I don't care anymore. I bet that half of those "popular" (if I can say like that) girls would kill for few more inches. It's funny when I walk into a room or down the street and people are looking at my legs, thinking that I'm wearing high heels... =)) Some of the kids from school call me stupid names like Octopus or they call me like that basketball player but I really don't care.. =) My best friend is 5'3" and we look funny together but I don't even notice that anymore until someone says something about that.

I like sport, I sail... I'm good at that and my height is perfect for that so as my weight (154 pounds). Some things are worse when you're tall, but there are more things that are better when you're tall. You can notice a cute boy before the short girls... Or you can reach to the tallest shelf whenever you want. And of course the view is better from up here! =)))

I love being tall, mother nature and genes gave that and even if some say that I'm too tall for a girl I can't and I would never change my height. Sorry about my English. I am (as I said before) from Croatia...

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