January 2010 - Michelle 5'11"

Michelle's Basics

Name: Michelle
Birthday: March 8th, 1967
Height: 5'11"
Location: United States

First and foremost, thank you for your website, it is terrific and you have some great resources on there! It is nice to see the well-deserved support for the talls ladies! I remember being tall all of my life. I grew very fast and stopped around my freshman year of high school. I don't quite make the 6 foot mark, but being 5'11", there isn't much difference is there? I had some minor difficulties in my younger years being tall; some people, mostly the boys, ha-ha; the short ones, would tease me; but once they caught up to me, it all turned out for the best!

For the most part, I love being tall. I have needed to see a chiropractor for some adjustments; specifically my lower back and knees, but it's all good. In this day and age, it is much easier for us finding cool clothes; IT'S ABOUT TIME !!! and my family and friends all envy my height. My husband is 6'5" and was attracted to me because I am tall and we make a great match. We both know where to shop for our clothing; so it's something we share and understand. I just started wearing shoes with a heel; not something I always had done, only on "special" occasions until he told me to be PROUD of my height. So I have become more confident doing so. I also look great in my tall levis !!! LOOOOOOOOOOVE them! Also DKNY is another great jean for tall women !!! Another big bonus of being tall? VISIBILITY. Case in point, every Aerosmith concert we have been to (and there are many...) I never have difficulty seeing all the action, no matter who is in front of me !!! 

My two step daughters are both tall also; and so we have that common bond, where being female teenagers, they have lots of questions, and I know how they feel. But I have made certain that I assure them every chance I get, that they are beautiful, and to always be proud of their height. We will shrink with age; so that's a great thing!

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