July 2010 - Sharon 6'1 1/4"

Sharon's Basics

Name: Sharon
Birthday: December 1st, 1975
Height: 6'1 1/4" Location: Canada

Hi there. I just stumbled across your awesome website! I am most certainly a candidate for your tall woman of the month. I am just over 6'1" (that's without "hair" and without shoes of course) Most days I'm suited up in business attire, so with hair, and shoes, I am always in the 6'6" area. And I love being tall!


I am 34 years old (at the time of writing this), a fun & energetic kinda gal (too much energy, some may say!) and am a Canadian Tall Girl. I spend most days towering over my clients and friends, and checkin' out the tops of their heads.


Surprisingly, when I met with Gene Simmons (Kiss) in Vancouver back in 2009, I had teased him over the phone about being the "Tall Plumbing Queen"  (I am a plumbing sales representative) and surprise, surprise, when I walked into the room, Gene called me by that name, and him and I were of similar height... (he cheated though, because he had his new cow-hide cowboy boots on!!) Too funny.

All the best, Sharon


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