June 2010 - Michelle 6'1 1/4"

Michelle's Basics

Name: Michelle
Birthday: September 24th, 1986
Height: 6'1 1/4" Location: USA

Hi there, everyone. My name is Michelle. I have never been short or regular. From pre-school til high school I believe I had always been the tallest in my grade/class. I enjoy my height a lot more than in the past years, especially in school. During that time in my life I felt left out and totally different from everybody else. My self-image played a big role in that, I'm sure. I am fine with my height now. I've realized that I am tall, and there is nothing wrong about it, thus, I love myself the way I am.

As a woman who wants to work in the mission field, sing, minister and help those who are in need, I believe the height may play a factor... Seems that people generally look up to tall people (literally and non), like they are heroic, strong and in my case barbaric (hence the last name Savage, ha ha). Our height, of course, can bring confidence and strength, but everything else I've named can only be found in our heart.

I must admit that I enjoy all the attention, even though I sometimes feel self conscious of my weight when I am getting looked at, I don't think I've felt badly of my height in years. I desire to be strong, long and gorgeous inside and out. Once I'd decided to believe, love and understand the purpose of my life, nothing pulled me down...We "Tall-ens" are designed to do only what we can do....be you, and you of course are beautiful just the way you stand.

While height is just physical gift, it does bring small gifts and joy each day of our lives. Thank you for allowing me to comment and share myself on this site. I've enjoyed this and hope that it will help other tall ladies feel more comfortable with themselves. 

Sincerely, Michelle



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