May 2010 - Jonari 6'2"

Jonari's Basics

Name: Jonari
Birthday: July 12th, 1989
Height: 6'2" Location: USA

Hi, out there. My name is Jonari, I know that sounds complicated.... and it is. I am so glad that there are websites out there that highlight tall women's beauty for what it's worth. I'm currently 20 years old (I was born July 12, 1989). Now, as of this time I stand at 6 foot 2 inches. I know, I know WOW right? I get that a lot. Oh, and more examples for instance.... "You're so tall" and "You're an amazonian". And let's not forget the "tall glass of water" bit. It cracks me up when people come to me and are like, "Did you know you're tall"? And I'm like.... "Uh, yeah. I've known that for as long as I could know I was tall". To me being my height is pretty much awesome. I mean I get lots of attention, that's important. When I was a kid I admit I was insecure a little about being tall, I didn't want to feel different from everyone else. As I got older that faded away rapidly and I was so proud to be a tall girl.

I've had many moments were my height was the topic of the moment. People would come up to me from out of nowhere and ask how tall I was. I'd tell them and they would be in awe, but like I said earlier I love the attention. But just like a celebrity when a paparazzi chases you around to much, it can be a little overwhelming at times. I admit I do tend to get kind of frustrated when the only way people remember me is because I'm tall. I'm flattered they do remember me, but what about my personality or anything other than the whole height thing. Of course I'm tall but you know I also have a big personality to go with it. It's like a super combo meal, and several people I know tell me all the time that they wish they were my height. They ask me all the time and I know this question is most common for tall females, but they ask. "Do you play... (Drum roll please.) BASKETBALL? And I'd smile because it was true. But I'd say I use to then the height conversation stops there.

In high school it was chaotic. I had coaches coming to me from left to right. The sports they wanted me to play ranged from: Basketball to volleyball, track to tennis etc. My head would be spinning with sports equipment, finally I was like I need a break. I need to just be Jonari, me.... for now. Just because I'm a tall girl doesn't mean I'm super tall girl, as if I'm a superhero or something. Although it was pretty cool to have the coaches fighting over me. Overall I have a blast being me and I think.... no, I know other women who are in my shoes should also enjoy being the way they are. We're all human after all, we should always take upmost pride in our bodies. It's our most valuable possessions in this world. Once again thank you for this opportunity to share my feelings on this subject, it's been a real pleasure.

My motto today is "Be the biggest in the room, hunny, and always demand attention". Those closest to me say I sort of took on a diva complex, it's getting so bad. Am I really? But before than I did'nt think that guys would be interested in me much. Wow, can I tell you this......? That was not the case at all, I live in South Carolina, USA of course, there were a lot of gentlemen interested in me over the years. And to my surprise they were all shorter than me. I mean I dont have a problem at all with that, except if there below 5 feet, no offense but I couldn't really date them. I love guys a little shorter than me, they're like little teddy bears to cuddle with. But overall I adore being tall and when I have other people feeling my confidence now too, that makes me feel like I'm in a class of my own. Even though I know there are other beautiful tall ladies out there I feel we're a force to be reckon with. Much love to the AMAZONIANS.

XOXO and SMOOCHES, Jonari the Amazon

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