June 2011 - Julianna 6'2"

Name: Julianna
Birthday: January 27th, 1992
Height: 6'2"
Location: USA


Hello! My name is Julianna, and I am 6'2" and still counting. I am 18, my birthday is January 27, and I live in the U.S. I would definitely like to say that growing up; knowing that you are different is VERY, VERY hard on a child. You are made fun of, teased, people are scared of you, and it can lead to something serious if you do not know how to find inner happiness with what you have.


It was VERY hard for me to assimilate to my height because I did not get noticeably tall until about the ninth grade, that is when I was taller than every boy and every teacher in my middle school. I would like to say that someone should honor what he or she has, even if they feel like it's a flaw, its apart of you, and you can not alter that. You should love what God gave you, because it is something beautiful.


Not every tall woman has to play basketball, but I feel like tall women have something that normal height women do not possess, I cannot put my finger on it, but I feel like we have something extra in us. I would definetly say the questions im so acustom to hearing are "do you play basketball?", "How tall are you?", "Is your mom or dad tall?". But when it comes to guys, it is definitely hard to get a date because the ones that you might like might be taken, or they are intimidated by you, or they just do not want to be with someone tall. Hearing that from a guy can hurt! Moreover, even the ones who are tall, like the girls that as 5'3"... I never understood that.


Now when it comes to shoe and clothes shopping it's a nightmare. Sometimes because I might see some shoes that I fall in love with, but the shoe size stops at a 10... or I see some very cute and inexpensive jeans, but they're not long enough. I wear a size 12 shoe, so it's very VERY hard to find a nice heel, or a casual sandal. Clothes shopping was worse because my legs are super long... so finding an inseam of 36" or 37" is hard. But as I'm growing up, I'm starting to find places where they sell my size shoe and my length of pants!


Nevertheless, as I said before, dealing with all this comes from having inner happiness. I love myself for what I am, and not how people view me because if you ask anyone who knows Julie, they will tell you she is the most hilarious, open minded, friendly individual you will ever meet. I guess that is how I dealt with my awkwardness around people, I just started mingling with people, I love to socialize and get to know everyone, so therefore if someone is having a problem with herself, whether they are tall or not, I can help them.


Final thoughts

I feel like every young girl should love themselves, and every tall girl should honor what they have, don't be hesitant because of your size, don't be scared, be happy that you are set apart from every other girl on planed earth! Don't be afraid to do things because of your height. Trust me, I know. I'm the tallest out of all my friends and sometimes I get a little upset when were all out and it feels like the attention I get is basically harrassment, and the attention my friends get is admiration... but I don't let it get to me. I stand out for a reason, and so many other tall women do too. Never downplay yourself... beauty comes in many forms. Plus EVERY man wants to climb a tree... even if they don't admit it!

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