May 2011 - Jo Lynn 6'4"

Name: Jo Lynn
Birthday: December 13th, 1973
Height: 6'4"
Location: USA


Hi, my name is Jo Lynn, I am 6'4" and I love it. I have always been tall. Taller than all the rest in school. I was not as fortunate as others and didn't get the athletic gene. So I have always relied on being nice and sweet to make friends. Being tall has always been a conversation starter. I get the usual questions of "how tall are you". I think when people ask it really depends on how they ask. I have had several instances where it was actually creepy. I find the funniest thing people say to me is "how did someone so small give birth to someone so big?" We are always asked this when I am with my mom who is 4'9".


I think being tall made me a better person. I know how others feel when they are stared at or made fun of. I developed a great compassion through the years for others. I know I had to adapt and overcome my shyness and being tall absolutely helped in that. You can't be shy when you are always being asked questions. Those who know me today would definitely not call me shy! While others may say height is great for meeting men, I actually think that with my height and size it intimidates men! Those that look past it get to see the real me who in my opinion is great! Lol! I also have no issue dating shorter men. Some of my greatest loves have been shorter than me!


While I can say truthfully that being tall has never gotten me anything in this world of monetary value what it has given me is a great personality that was tweaked over the years by adapting to situations that arise from being tall. I am forever grateful for my height and the fact that through it I have made wonderful lifetime friends.

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