July 2012 - Kate and Lynn 6'2"

Name: Kate and Lynn
Birthday: January 5th 1984
Height: 6'2"
Location: USA

This entry is a little unique because I am writting on behalf of my twin sister Lynn and Me (Kate). We are both 6'2" and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our height!!!! We were SO lucky growing up to have each other to deal with being so much taller then everyone. Our nickname throughout our entire childhood was The Twin Towers.


As we entered teen years we really began to enjoy our height and flaunt it every chance we got. Since we were always together EVERYONE stared at us and made comments. You learn that height is not ever something you can change and that you should embrace,love, and be confident with the person you are.


Lynn and I have always lived our lives happy to be tall, and confident with our height. Over the years we have dated every type of guy out there...you miss out on a lot of great people if you only date in or above you height. We have dated really tall, tall, average, and short men. It is about the connection you have with someone, not their physical characteristics that determine true love! I have been with my husband for over seven years now and he is 5'8". Lynn has been with her boyfriend now three years and he is 6'2". Being tall is a GIFT and we love it every single day!!!!

Addition (by Joerg): Kate and Lynn also own TallwaterJeans.com. I believe this deserves to be mentioned on here.

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