November 2012 - Cari 6'3 1/4"

Name: Cari
Height: 6'3 1/4"
Location: USA

Hi, all!!! A little about me, I am a very energetic girl with tones of personality! I have a passion for life and pride myself on being a very strong individual. I like to stay physically fit and find this to be a real self confidence boost! Especially when you can push more weight than some of the guys at the gym!!! ;-) I live with my wonderful boyfriend and am loving life. About to go into my 30's I couldn't be happier!!


Notice how I haven't said how tall I am yet? I don't think that this is something that "categorizes" us as women. It has been a struggle in the past with my self-confidence only because I was "different" in school and we all know what happens when someone is "different" even in the slightest way. But hey, none of the girls wanted to play against me in basketball!


I am very proud of my height and wouldn't change it for the world. There is something quite empowering about walking in a room and having all eyes on you!!!


Keep strong sisters and walk tall. Love and support to you all!

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