September 2012 - Sini 6'3"

Name: Sini
Birthday: February 12th 1969
Height: 6'3"
Location: Finland

Hello, everyone. My name is Sini and I am from Finland. I didn't grow tall before I was 15, but then very fast to this height in about 2 years time. Even I am tall, I have enjoyed much more dancing and singing than basketball. That also I tried, when younger. I love my height and I feel feminine, even I am tall, because my persona is that. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable, when strange people mention about my apperance often, but I would not change it for anything.


Today I work as a professional artist and am somewhat known in my country. We all are born with qualities of our own and it is important to make the best of it. Life can be short and so many opportunities in the world. If people are not comfortable with our height,we can make them by being kind. It feels great to see here so many tall women! I am so happy! I am tall, but my foot size is not very big and I weigh 74 kilos. I like exercise, music, singing, reading and writing and of course arts. My way to look at life is that we have many choises and if one door closes, thousand open the same time. Of course I have felt sadness, loneliness and hardships in my time by 43 years of age, but I try to always find the light and new ways in most situations.


My height has helped me in my arts profession, since I keep speeches and present my art work to people. To be honest, even I am 6'3", I adore high heels! If one is this tall, might as well be that in style! Many shorter men have approached me and a tall woman always gets attention. At moments I would like to turn that off by pressing some "holiday now"-button, but mostly I love people's kind words and fun attitude about my height. It is not the height, the weight or anything as one feature in us, it is about the whole apperance and how we present ourselves. I would like to wish you all many happy hellos and keep the lovely postures proud!


Funny story

In 2002 I was sent as artist to represent to Shanghai. It was a great trip,wonderful art events,dinners,people,media. I loved it. In Shanghai, there is the a huge skyscraper called JinMao. At the time it was the third tallest building in the world. I had a Chinese sweet assistant, shorter than me, of course, with humour and wit.


I looked up high to the tall building JinMao and said, my gosh, that is a tall building. Chris said, yes, you looking at JinMao and the by-passers at you! :-) My hair was red then and many Chinese had never seen any foreigners, let alone as a tall a woman as me. To Shanghai, also tourists from China arrive, as it is a large and main gate way to the West in China.

So I replied to Chris: "Oh,I feel like a huge giraffe with neon light on her forehead in a zoo now,when people look at me all the time". Chris had a funny face and she said: "Yes they do - but to watch you is for free." :-))

Now that I've seen your site Joerg, I would like to be even taller!

Warm regards from Sini

---I do not know what to write other than I wish I lived where you do Sini,but I am kind of stuck here in the northeastern United States---also,I am shorter than you are and I did read all that you wrote,but I still do not know if you date men shorter than you are----(I am 5-7)------I hope your art is selling well and that you are well.
---I hope all is well with you Sini---I am 8 inches shorter than you are but I would love to date you-----(since this is from the year 2012 though and that is 9 years ago,you are probably married by now though)---
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