February 2013 - Tra'Quis, 6'2"

Name: Tra'Quis
Birthday: June 13th, 1988
Height: 6'2"
Location: USA

Hello, my name is Tra'Quis and I'm 6'2". I currently live in NYC, but I'm originally from Oklahoma. I absolutely LOVE my height... now. However, when I was younger I was very self conscious and depressed about my height. Not only am I tall, but I have a big forehead so you can only imagine how much people teased me. I could never find clothes in my size because I was so tall for my height as a child, so sometimes I had no choice but to wear men's clothing. I have been called it all... Jolly green giant, E.T. (mostly because of my proportions, forehead and skin color), Olive Oyl, sasquatch, big foot (because I do have big feet... size 11), bean stalk and the list goes on an on.


I just wanted to fit in. I was taller than all of the guys at school and the school staff. I was already 6'0" tall by the time I was 13. Fortunately, I did have a lot of friends though. Mainly because I was a star athlete so I did attract a lot of positive attention from some people. My height was a hang up that I felt ruined my life. I had severe depression issues that eventually landed me in a psychiatric ward for evaluation. When I left there and moved to live with my dad in a different city and different school, it was like something miraculous happened to me. Everyone at that school seemed to love my height, even the guys. I was still the butt of some jokes, but it was all in good fun. The people there seemed to appreciate my height which was the start of my journey to self love and acceptance. I started to gain more confidence, which glowed all through my face and my body. I found sites that had clothes that fit me so I was able to wear female clothing and shoes, and that really made my spirits shoot up! That "glow" actually made people have to accept me because I was 100 percent comfortable with myself and my height.


I think it's important for all women to appreciate and love themselves because people pick up on your confidence or lack of and it makes people want to be or not to be around you. You also become an easy target. Still to this day people have to accept me! If they don't then they don't get to be apart of my life (not even in a negative way), which will always be a loss to them. I'm so comfortable with me and my height so much that I become even taller 4 days or so out of the week, because I wear heels a lot too now. It's funny because people always say to me..."Why do you wear heels you are already tall?!" I say to EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT ASKS ME THAT "for the same reason you do! Do you go into the store and say I think I'm going to buy those pink heels because I want to be 5'6" for my date...or do you say I want to buy those pink heels because they match my dress and they are cute? I'm already tall and people are going to stare at me regardless. I might as well be cute while they are staring." I love how people ask me if I'm a model now instead of do you play Basketball or Volleyball? I actually have no problem with finding men anymore. I get approached more by short guys than taller guys. It's cute :).


Being this tall makes me realize how dumb people are sometimes though. I have people ask me dumb stuff like "how do you fit in cars?" I just respond with "how many guys do you know that are 6'2" or taller? Now would you go up to a guy that is 6'2" and ask him that? I'm tall for a female I'm not tall for a human!!!" Tall women should love their height and cherish it. The fact that tall women isn't the norm makes it that much more beautiful, to know that God made a handful of us and we were the ones he chose to make this way. I have heard of a lot people who would love to be my height (both male and female) or just different. So many people crave attention and have to go to great lengths to get it, when all we have to do is stand up. To know that I am a rarity makes me feel proud to know that I will always be memorable. I love now to hear people say to their friends when I walk by "man she's so tall, look". Hearing that still cracks me up, because people seem to think that since I'm tall I must be deaf too. 

Wishing you all the best
Tra'Quis who is 6'2"

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