April 2013 - Karen, 6'0"

Name: Karen
Height: 6'0"
Location: USA, originally from the Ivory Coast

Hello, my name is Karen. I sincerely believe that Tall is gorgeous. Yes, I know the kind of scrutiny WE tall women can receive from the public because of the fact that we may be different from the average in that specific area. However, I believe that people's view of us revolved around how we carry and portray ourselves. Hence, we must as well embrace who we are and have fun with it!


I am a 6ft tall woman now. And have quite taking advantage of my height to do so many things like modeling, doing beauty pageants, being an influential personality in my community. I was chosen Miss Ivory Coast USA 2012 and going for Miss Africa USA 2013. Hence, I really did put myself out there and tried not to let my height and the public scrutiny slow me down. I basically turned what could be criticized into an opportunity. I cannot recall either any bad memory of my social interaction with people because of my height growing up. In the contrary, my height made me stand up from the crowd and I was successful both socially and relationship wise.


I must say though, I encountered difficulties having peace with myself in my early dating life because of my height. I never wanted a shorter man. For me looking literally down at my man was a weakness from his part; he should be strong and when I hug him I should feel protected, which I did not feel from a shorter man. Funny enough, I never wanted a taller man either because I did not want giant babies lol. So I had those battles to overcome and realized that what matter is really a man that treats me right. Plus, I think those things are just superficial things. What is important for me is the impact I make in society. And just knowing that God created me and think I am beautiful is enough for me to focus rather on most important stuff.


I can go on and on sharing my experience as a Tall woman and the public reaction to that. But I will stop here by advising you to be comfortable in your own skin, to take care of your body, your health and CHOSE to be gorgeous ladies!


Check out my website for more information about me, the impact I have in my community, and my beauty pageant.

And please if you get a chance click on this link and then on the 5 stars of my profile for me to win the Miss Africa USA competition I am in

Thank you and all the best

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