June 2013 - Steffenie, 6'2"

Name: Steffenie
Height: 6'2"
Location: The Netherlands

I am Steffenie, a 17 year old girl from the Netherlands. Yes, the country where all the giants live. And I am one of them. I am 6'2" and proud! When I was younger, I always felt like the weird one. I was the tallest person in my class; I was even taller then all the boys. Luckily when I went to high school, I met more tall people. Mostly guys though. Yet my girlfriends where always so much smaller!


When I am going out of the city, out of the province, people stare. They are used to tall people in the Northern part where I live, but only a bit in the rest of The Netherlands. I remember going to the UK where I constantly bumped my head because the doors in our rented caravan where only 6'1". And standing in a supermarket in France wasn't that great either, I was the tallest person of all the persons standing in the lines to pay their groceries.


Oh well, I am quite proud that I have got some thighs and that I am not a tall stick! I hope I can be a bit of an example for the younger ones, for the teens. You should be proud! All the tiny women would love to have a bit of your height!


About boys... ah, that's a tough one. I was bullied a lot at primary school, not because of my height though, so my confidence wasn't always that "high". Still have got some problems with that, so boys are a though one haha! I always say that I never want to date a guy who is smaller than me, but I recently had this enormous crush on (2) guys who weren't as tall as I am. Woopsie!

Kind regards

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