April 2014 - Fredrica, 6'1"

Fredrica, 6'1"

Hi, my name is Fredrica. I am 32, 6'1". I love being tall.

When I turnt 12 years old I was wearing a size 12 shoe. I sprouted so quick my family was in shock cause I was busting out of my shoes and clothes which was a problem because we were a very low income family and my grandmother was taking care of us due to our father being in prison and mother being a addict. So I had to go to school with holes in my shoes.

So I was teased a lot about my height and my attire. Girls used to jump me after school or want to fight me because of my height, no other reason because I was a very shy person, I'm still shy to this day (quiet giant). That's way i love my family because they never let me feel down about my height.

Anyways I was born in savannah, so we walked everywhere. Me and my aunt would walk places and they would think I was the mom and she was the daughter. I was fully developed at the age of 13 and very smart, I did not act like a teenager. I am the tallest person in my family on my grandmother side of the family, thanks to my dad who I believe is 6'4. All the women are 5'7 and under. My mom is 5'5 or 5'4. The male are 5'9 and under. So it's funny when we have family functions and there are people who haven't seen me since I was a teenager.

I live in Atlanta now. As an adult I love it even more, I love wearing heels, and I love my long legs. Thank god my upper body is a great length as well. Everywhere I go people stare, I think it's funny still. The looks on their faces are hilarious especially when I'm in heels! I'm truly happy I found your site it's a blessing. The only place I had to go for dress-up shoes was payless, I'm a payless fan! Im glad you guys have found sites for shoes and clothes.

Thank you for putting this together! I will spread the word!

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