September 2014 - Allysun, 6'1"

Hi, my name is Allysun, I go by "Ally" for short.. Although there is nothing short about me. I am 23 years old and I am 6'1" and I wear a size 12 shoe. Not fun let me tell you.. I have never been able to find cute "girly" shoes in my size and I sure as hell won't find a pair of pants that's long enough.. Not with a 34in inseam.


Growing up I have always gotten made fun of for being tall, considering I was taller than most of the boys in my class until about my Jr. year of high school, I was a very large, and easy target. I got the "how's the weather up there" or the "did you play basketball?" along with many others. I was actually in choir for all of my going to school years which was humiliating in and of itself simply because I was always in the top row of risers and right in the middle, sticking out like a sore thumb.


Although it may have been slightly humiliating at times, I stuck with it because It was my passion. My senior year of high school they even did the "Choir Awards" they were supposed to be funny little jokes about each student.. Most of them were fairly clever and funny.. Except mine... I was deemed "The Human Skyscraper" .... Quite often I got asked if my parents were tall, thing is they aren't. I honestly don't know where I get my height, or my red hair for that matter.


Over the years I have found ways to overcome my "Tall Struggles" I have avoided wearing pants. I usually wear shorts or leggings. I don't really pay attention to the ignorant comments anymore, and I have learned to actually love my life as a tall woman. I still wear heels and I have gotten pretty good at finding shoes that fit. The only struggle nowadays is finding a man taller than me, and of course the fact that my hips and knees make me feel like I'm 50 some days. Over all though, I have somehow learned to enjoy being tall. I guess I have just accepted myself the way that I am. Hopefully someday I will find a man that accepts me as well.

:lol: i love u ally. And one day u will find that special woman who doesnt care.. :)
This is a great website
Like you I am 6'1"and I love it. I had difficulty findingfinding clothes - I wear size 6 to 8 - but thanks to JCPENNEY and Anne Taylor I am able to find clothes. I was fortunate to have met a special man who married me and love me for who I am.
I am certain that there's a special someone out there for you. I must admit that I settled for a guy who is 5'11 and we both love each other.
All the best in your quest. Embrace your height. Stand tall and confident!
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