Joerg gives some dating advice - to men

joerg2011Some people seem to think that I have got all the dating experience in the world when it comes to tall women.

Well, you may not be totally wrong but I have met a lot more women online than in real life so far and therefore the term "dating" is slightly misleading...

I think t(all) ladies are generally impressed when a man is romantic and wears his heart on his sleeve. They may not admit it but even tall ladies are usually looking for a guy who can take care of them, someone they can "look up to". I don't mean the "look up to" in the strictest sense of the term, obviously. What I mean is: they are normal women with the needs every woman has. They will enjoy it if you open the door for them, they will be impressed if you pull the chair out for them etc.

There has been one main criticism directed towards American men: they don't look after themselves very much but want a girlfriend who has got model-looks but is still prepared to stay home to look after the household, maybe even the kids. Gentlemen, if you want a beautiful, confident tall girlfriend you can't expect that from her. A confident tall woman is a beautiful woman, a confident woman tends to be a successful woman who doesn't necessarily make it her prime target to please and look after you when you come home from work. Maybe she's also got a good job that pays well. Maybe she's been in other relationships where her ex has been a lazy bum. Maybe that's why she's wary of getting into another destructive relationship like that.

Women want to get pampered - and I don't mean financially. Small pressies do wonders and you don't have to spend loads of cash to do that. Little things often do the trick. Bring home a single rose and a bottle of bubbly and see where it takes you. Why not prepare dinner for her if she's been out working all day.

Be expectant - of yourself. Why does she have to look sexy all the time if you can't be bothered? When was the last time you made an effort for a woman?

We may not like it but we don't automatically find girlfriends just because we stare at them drooling. In a lot of cases a lady has been disappointed by another man. They want to be reassured. They want assurances that this time it will work out alright. Are you man enough, are you committed enough to the woman you fancy to give these assurances?

There are a lot of (American) women out there I know who are overweight. It's a cultural problem as we all know... the diet of Americans has to improve and soon. But that's not the point I'm trying to make. When was the last time you looked into the mirror? Are you a stallion with the physique of a Greek god or are you a wobbly couch-potato who (and I like beer too) mainly sits on his butt drinking gallons of Bud?

Yes, that's exactly the point I'm trying to make. You're not exactly looking like Brad Pitt, right? So - why do you insist on finding a girlfriend who's got the physique and the looks of Cindy Crawford or Amy Acuff?

Keep your eyes open. You may come across (tall) women who don't seem "perfect" immediately. Chat them up, talk to them, find out more about them and decide then. Give it a few weeks, months even... give her you undivided attention. You may discover a real gem there. All it takes is a closer look. Trust me - I know!

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