Don't let a guy crush your ego

How to deal with destructive males

A good friend of mine just posted a somewhat depressing piece on her blog. Understandably I'm not going to tell you who we are talking about.

In my experience it's "good girls" who are really keen to be in a committed relationship who hurt the most. They tend to be over 40 and know better but they still expect "Prince Charming" to come their way. In some cases this may be true. There may still be a "Prince Charming", but the law of averages tells me that you can't rely on what a man tells you. You need to put them on the spot. Tell them what you want and see (verify) if they are willing and / or able to deliver.

It's a fact: most men would rather go to be with you (for a one-night stand), than commit to you. How can you stop this for happening? Good question. It's not easy. But there are some ways...

  1. Make sure you never call them first
  2. Never meet them in your own hom
  3. Don't let them pay for both your menus
  4. Ask the right questions (in case you still want kids... ask them if they want kids etc.)
  5. Never ever sound needy. They will use the knowledge to their advantage
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