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Q: I'm a tall woman. Really tall. Tall enough to be a supermodel (though I don't have the wide eyes and cheekbones), and tall enough to be on the Australian women's volleyball team (if only I were coordinated). I've always found it difficult to meet guys who are as tall as or taller than me, so I've given up and now rather fancy short guys. I find I'm not attracted to anyone over about 5 foot 5 (which is even shorter than Rove). But these guys don't want a bar of me - they're much more inclined to look in the petite section of RSVP. I find it so infuriating. How can I convince these little cuties to look past my towering height and give me a chance?

HELP! Tall Girl

A: Towering beauties have entranced some of the world's cutest short-statured men. Don't believe me? Take movie mogul Tom Cruise (5'7) and Katie Holmes (5'9); Brit music star Jamie Callum (5'4) and Sophie Dahl (6'0) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (5'5) and Carla Bruni (5'9). These men don't mind looking up to their women, but all have something in common - confidence by the bucketload and successful careers of their own. That's your ticket to finding love with a sexy jockey/rowing coxswain or gymnast. They need to be so self-possessed and secure that they don't give two hoots about having their gal sling an arm around them for a photo opp - or be better at changing light bulbs, for that matter.

My advice to finding your mini Prince Charming? Start targeting smaller men with a swagger. Don't hide your height on online dating forums either - advertise your supermodel stature. Where it asks for your vital stats type in: "I have legs that won't quit, won't be overlooked at the bar and can always be spotted across a crowded rooom." Upload a photo that emphasises your willowyness. After all - tall is super-sexy.

Joerge sure thinks so - he set up a website celebrating the gorgeousness of tall women like Geena Davis, Brooke Shields and Uma Thurman (all 6 footers). Check it out for a total confidence boost at

Oh, and while you're at it, have you heard about the aptly named Alexis Skye? At 6'4, she's got size 13 feet, can't slam dunk and once made up a name tag that said "Yes, I'm 6'4" so she could get on with her job at a local diner without the nightly barrage of questions. See - tall ladies are infinitely fascinating. Now, she's making a packet having fun with her height and making men drool all over the world - shorties included!

Love, reality chick

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