Confidence is Queen

confidence is queenConfidence is Queen by Jen Sugermeyer

Jen Sugermeyer is a tall woman (6'1"), who struggled with confidence.

Jen wrote Confidence is Queen to show the way to solve any problem. Confidence is the key to face and tackle everything; your challenges, your fears, your hesitations, and it opens the door to the life you want!  If you’re starting a business, looking for love, ready to ask for that raise, looking for self-love, ready to find happiness, then confidence is your answer!

As cash is to king, confidence is to queen.  But you need to have cash to be king.  You already have confidence within you; we all do. With confidence, you can do, be, get everything you want in life, including cash.  The queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess, she can make all the moves. Learn how to start calling the shots in your life. Confidence is a mindset, and mindset is a choice.

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