TALL LIFE Shares Benefits and Problems of Tall People

Tall Life is now available in both eBook format and paperback on Amazon (.com, .co.uk, .ca etc.). There is also a website that parallels and extends the book: http://www.Tall.Life. The following is a description of the book and then the author.

Being tall coincides with considerable professional, athletic, and social benefits. Yet there are also some problems for tall people, and these raise some questions. For instance, if longer levers and more cells really are behind increased risk of injuries and cancer, then how is it that giraffes get by? And why is it that society reveres tall stature, but then compromises our safety with cramped cars and other things? And, as tall women might be pondering, where have all the tall, dark, and handsome men gone? Lastly, what can be done about all this? These questions and more will all be answered by a tall protagonist over eight chapters: Evolution, Scaling, Spine, Manufactured, Ergonomics, Growth, Longevity, and Society.

About the Author: Sam Lochner received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2013. His work and research relates to mass customization and biomechanics. At 6'7", he has experienced both the pros and cons of being tall. In particular, it was central in both reaching the provincial volleyball level, but then becoming a chronic back pain sufferer. Yet by drawing on his engineering aptitude, he was able to recover. This, and other experiences related to his height, inspired him to write Tall Life.

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