Kimberly Glass, 6'2 1/2"

Kimberly Glass, 6'2 1/2"


I'm pleased to report that I've received an email from Kimberly Glass. Kimberly is a member of the U.S. Women's Volleyball Team that won the Silver Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She's got some exciting plans and I'm excited too because I think I / we can assist her. But let Kim tell you herself:

Hello, my name is Kimberly Glass. I am a U.S. Women's Indoor Volleyball Olympian. I found your site through Google, as I am researching Tall Women Clothing needs, to begin the makings of what I think will be a wonderful Boutique for TALL Women.


Here's a great article about Kim and Kim is part of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar (videos contain some semi nudity).

I am an Olympic Volleyball Athlete who is 6'2 1/2". I'm wearing a size 11 shoe. I look at my height as a blessing, not only because of my athletic abilities, but because I embrace my height, and hope to be able to be an inspiration for other tall women, ESPECIALLY YOUNG GIRLS, to embrace their height as well.


Growing up, it was difficult, the same stories as everyone else. I.e. hoping for a flood, so I had a reason to wear shorter pants, difficult to find appealing shoes, that didn't make my feet look like clown shoes. Boys who were way shorter than me, and didn't want to give me a chance. The constant stares, the repeated remarks...


But my mom always told me to stand tall, and never hunch. I think the best advice she gave me was when I told her people always stare at me, and probably saying negative things, and I began to get offended and defensive. She told me, that I'd be surprised at how many people are more in awe of my height, and the way I carried it, and that I should look at it in a different light. And as I did, I found that I got more positive comments than negative.


I love shoes, and I wear anything up to a 5 inch heel, sometimes more if they look good! Everytime I go out. Men always say, why do you wear heels when your already so tall, and I tell them something I heard one time, "I'm not going to compromise fashion to suit your ego!" I think that's a great line!

I hope more tall women, become more proud of their heights, and I think what you're doing with your website is absolutely awesome, SO POSITIVE, in letting young girls know that they aren't alone, it gets better, you're blessed, and LOVE IT.

Visit her website / blog

The kind of men and women who ask a tall lady why she wears heels are the kind who have a sort of inherent fear of women over 6'... Women like that tend to be in awe of female height but also maybe afraid of 'challenging men in their head space'... Men tend to regard over 6' as their private male domain, not to be intruded upon by 'little women'. And little men have a horror of tall women towering over them in heels. Towers of oestrogen is one phrase I've heard. Little men tend to be terrified of being towered over, dominated and made to feel like 'the little boys they really are'. So, tall women, go for those heels...3" and counting! :eek: :roll: :-)
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