A 6'3" Fashion Model has a "scam warning" for you

A 6'3" Fashion Model who prefers to be anonymous has some advice, shares a few stories and also has a "scam warning" for you!

Many of us who are tall are told we should model and a few of us follow up on it. So many girls have a dream about modeling that they can be victims to scam artists and bad business plans. You need to be aware of this and make your decision with some knowledge.

A big scam is the photographer who will make you pay a lot of money for "professional" photos. Most agencies don't require much in the way of photos - a few basic shots. You don't need to worry about expensive makeup artists and fancy hair. It doesn't hurt to start building a book, but you don't need it.

Watch out for "the guy with a camera" who offers to take photos for nothing, but isn't professional. If you know the people it is fine, but there are some very creepy guys who prey on women.

Focus on agencies with names. If you sign with an agency, make sure they don't ask you for money. They are the ones who pay you. There are many that ask for up-front money, but legitimate agencies don't.

Make sure you understand the contract. In most cases it should be non-exclusive. This is important enough that it is worth paying a lawyer for an hour to look over it. In the big modeling cities you can find lawyers with experience with this kind of contract.

Another area where models get hurt is with beginning designers. Most of them mean well, but it is a long shot for any of them to succeed. It is ok to trade a bit of modeling in return for the experience and a small bit of money, but make sure you don't pay them for anything. I've seen many who expect you to pay for your travel and even buy clothing for the event.

Some companies will ask you to invest in them - "a sure thing" - they'll tell you. If they have a real business plan, they can find loans and other investments from people who know how to calculate risk. Putting your money in a mattress is a better thing. In fact burning 90 percent of it is probably a better investment. Stay away - even if you know the people. I've seen friendships ruined.

There are a few legitimate businesses that cater to tall women. They may not pay well, but they are legitimate and will pay. Be very very careful with anything that is new.

And to those of you who are starting something new. Fashion is very risky. Make sure you have a solid business plan and a good line of investment and credit. Remember that you need to be fair to models as well as your customers.

Joerg says: If you want to learn more about "modeling scams" just do an online search!!!

Omg this was so good I needed this just some reassurance... I'm 6'3 and 23 and modeling and I'm going crazy
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