7 Reasons I Love Wearing Heels As A Tall Girl, Cultural Norms Be Damned

Phoebe Waller

As a gangly, long-limbed adolescent, I struggled to come to terms with my height. But as a full-grown, way more body confident adult, I'm happy to report that I'm a tall girl who wears heels and loves it. Where I used to shy away from comments about being a string bean while allowing gender norms about tall women to get me down, I can now embrace my nearly 5'9" self fully.

I was particularly tall for my age throughout school, always among the most bean pole-esque kids in my class. I cringe when I remember the boy I had a crush on in middle school. I was too afraid to stand next to him, simply because he was much shorter than me. Even though I can hardly believe it now, I used to balance on the outer sides of my feet in the hopes that this would take about an inch off my height, particularly because all my shoes had a slight platform. Nowadays, my fiancé is actually taller than me, but I wouldn't be bothered if I were the "stilts" in the relationship.

Although there are some struggles we tall girls face from time to time, like finding clothes to cover our limbs or never having enough legroom on planes, we shouldn't be creating more problems for ourselves based on what society and mainstream media deem attractive or feminine. This is why I love wearing heels as a tall girl.

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